Bioperfectus COVID-19 and Influenza A/B Combo PCR Kit Tackles the Problems Brought by “Twindemic”

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It is still a challenging thing for the northern hemisphere encountering "twindemic", a simultaneous COVID-19 and flu outbreak. Bioperfectus Influenza & COVID-19 Combo Real Time PCR kit provides an overall diagnostic solution for detecting flu A, flu B and SARS coV-2 all at once.



Kit Components


Components Vials/Kit Volume/25T Volume/50T
FluSC2 Detection Mix 1 375µL 750µL
RT-PCR Enzyme Mix 1 250µL 500µL
Positive Control 1 500µL 500µL
Weak Positive Control 1 500µL 500µL
Negative Control 1 500µL 500µL


⚫    Please see guildlines here
⚫    Follow product instructions of instruments and consumables.
⚫    Swab specimen should be collected using plastic swab with polypropylene fiber head. Wooden swab with cotton is not allowed. Specimen preserved at virus transport media after collection. 
⚫    Sputum specimen is collected into a 50mL plastic container with viral transfer medium. A digesting buffer (with 1g/L proteinase K in PBS) is added in the specimen tube at a 1:1 ratio 
(v/v), mixed with shaking, hold for 5 minutes before the nucleic acid extraction. Collect sputum from patient cough and preserve into 50 mL plastic tube with virus transport media.




⚫    Specimen packaging and transportation follows here 
⚫    Pack 3 layers according to class A or B infectious articles if external transportation involves.
⚫    Specimen collected from suspected SARS-CoV-2 or influenza-like cases should be preserved using 2-8°C ice bags or -70°C dry ice and sent to qualified laboratories within 24 hours.


Instruction for Use


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