Bioperfectus Influenza A/B Real-Time PCR Reagent Kit Detecting Virus Accurately

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1. Intended Use
The Bioperfectus Technologies Influenza A And B Viruses Real Time PCR Kit is an in
vitro diagnostic test, based on real-time PCR technology, for the detection of Influenza A
and B Viruses RNA. Samples can be obtained from throat swab, nasal and pharyngeal
secretions and cell culture supernatant.


2. Kit Components

Components Number of Vials Volume
(μl/Vial) 25T
(μl/Vial) 50T
RT-PCR Buffer 1 188 375
RT-PCR Enzyme Mix 1 125 250
Reaction Mix 1 188 375
Positive Control 1 500 500
Blank Control
(RNase-free Water)
1 500 500

NOTE: Components from different batches can’t be used interchangeably


3. Storage

⚫    All reagents should be stored at -20±5℃ until the expiration date listed on the outer kit box. 
⚫    Protect Reaction Mix from light during storage.
⚫    Repeated freezing and thawing (more than five times) of reagents should be avoided.


4. Sample Preparation

⚫    Collect samples in sterile tubes.
⚫    Specimens should be processed immediately or store refrigerated (2-8℃) for no longer than 72 hours before processing. Store any leftover specimens at -20℃ or colder. 
⚫    Transportation of clinical specimens must comply with local regulations for the transport of etiologic agents. Transport clinical specimens refrigerated at 2-8℃. 


5. Instruction for Use


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