Final Puzzle Piece of PCR Laboratory Diagnostic Solution

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A flexible, efficient and accurate real-time PCR system at an affordable price


As the final puzzle piece of Bioperfectus PCR laboratory diagnostic solution, the STC-96A PLUS Real Time PCR System in obedience to the high performance and efficiency has come out! With two independent 48-well blocks and excellent thermal control performance, STC-96A PLUS allows two separate run of assays at the same time which will meet the various amplification demands in your lab. Unique LED light source design greatly avoids the regular replacements and maintenance.


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Bioperfectus STC-96A Real Time PCR System looks for high throughput of single test per run on basis of STC-96A PLUS encountering COVID-19 pandemic. It allows the rapid cycling of PCR in one block which leads to higher accuracy and specificity for 1-96 samples in a row.


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2021-03-08 14:53