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Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, the testing demand of PCR laboratory has been dramatically surging. To ensure the smooth operation of PCR laboratory, laboratory personnel must be assisted by the high-performance PCR laboratory equipment. Bioperfectus provides a whole range of PCR laboratory equipment and reagents applicable for every step of PCR laboratory workflow.



Reagent Preparation Room

The reagent preparation room should be designated for the preparation and storage

of PCR reagents. Preparation of master mixes and aliquoting of master mixes to

PCR tubes should be performed in this room. Bioperfectus COVID-19 Coronavirus Real Time PCR Kit will be disposed and prepared in this section. Personnel should complete tasks in this room before working in the sample processing or amplification/detection rooms and should not return from these rooms to the reagent preparation room.


Sample Preparation Room

Sample Preparation Room should be designated for sample processing. In this room, PCR laboratory personnel will go through 3 steps: (a) Processing of sample (b) Isolation of nucleic acids (c) Addition of sample to master mix aliquot. Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction System SSNP-2000B, SSNP-3000A and SSNP-9600A as well as Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction Rapid Kit (Magnetic Bead Method) will be kept in this room and used to isolate the nucleic acids. The processed samples and controls are then added to tubes containing the PCR master mix in this room. PCR tubes should be capped as soon as the sample is added.


Amplification and Product Visualization Room

This room should be designated for PCR amplification and PCR analyses. Bioperfectus STC-96A Real Time PCR System and STC-96A Plus Real Time PCR System will be dedicated to this room. This room should be kept under negative pressure.




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