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2021-09-22 13:07




The fast spread of COVID-19 variants requires fast, high throughput, efficient and flexible testing solution


According to the latest data, COVID-19 variants caused a dramatic increment in confirmed cases. Some variants seem to spread more easily and quickly than others. Delta and Mu are the most noteworthy variants recently. WHO categorizes Delta variants as "variants of concern (VOC)", Mu Variants as "Variants of Interest (VOI)". But it should be noted that the classification is not permanent and depends on the influence of variants.

Under the urgent and sudden situation, quick and high throughput requirements is also been raised by some medical institutes, especially ones that need large sample size screening.



Nucleic Acid Extraction plays an important role in the PCR testing procedure


Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems apply the magnetic bead method. The magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction kit uses a unique separation of magnetic beads and a buffer system to separate and purify high-quality genomic DNA from the sample. Special coated magnetic beads have a strong affinity for the target DNA under certain conditions. , And when the conditions change, the magnetic beads release the adsorbed DNA, which can achieve the purpose of rapid separation and purification of DNA. The whole process does not involve toxic reagents, it is safe, convenient, and the extracted DNA is of high purity. 


Magnetic Bead Method Processing Animation


Nucleic acid extraction is the key step before PCR operation, and after PCR amplification, we will get a final diagnostic result. For the efficiency and precision of the detection, the nucleic acids extracted in the beginning step should be with high quality within a short period. The technique for fast, simple and efficient nucleic acid extraction is then essential for this procedure.



“COVID-19 Express” Program provides fast, efficient solutions for COVID-19 samples


To confront the fast-growing COVID-19 cases, we Bioperfectus are glad to release a rapid Nucleic acid extraction program “COVID-19 Express” for SSNP series extractors, which will provide a fast and high-efficient extraction solution for COVID-19 samples.



Extraction Protocol Compatible Bioperfectus Extraction Kit
(Catalog Number)
Sample Type
"COVID-19 Express" Nucleic Acid Extraction Rapid Kit (Magnetic Bead Method) (SDKF60101, SDKF60101D)

Pharyngeal swabs,

nasal swabs


Based on the new program, we also delightfully recommend several nucleic acid extraction solutions to meet the demand of a large sample size.  


Sample size

1000-5000 T/day

5000-8000 T/day

Nucleic acid extraction Solutions

SSNP-3000A × 1


SSNP-2000B × 2


SSNP-9600A × 1


SSNP-3000A  × 2


SSNP-2000B × 3

*Sample size is calculated based on is 22h/day working time, 2h/day for decontamination.


SSNP series extractors - SSNP 2000B/3000A/9600A with Nucleic Acid Extraction Rapid Kit (SDKF60101/SDKF60101D) will accomplish nucleic acid extraction in less than 15 minutes for 1-96 COVID-19 samples, which will accelerate the precious time before PCR amplification. With the “COVID-19 Express” program, laboratories will have the chance to get a faster, easier nucleic acid extraction solution, which also provides high-quality nucleic acid for the followed downstream applications.


Upcoming New Extraction Solutions Preview


Soon we will launch an “Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation”--SAW-96, which will realize fully automatic sampling and nucleic acid extraction function in a closed system, and get ready for PCR procedure. “COVID-19 Express” Program will be available in this workstation and will enable operators to process samples with guaranteed sample integrity and release human labor quick and effient.



SMPE series extractor provides flexible solutions for COVID-19 samples





SMPE series extractor - SMPE 960 has three individual detection modules, that will help the operators to detect the samples with different arrival times, which provide a flexible choice for urgent, special, or retested samples. If laboratories need to detect samples from time to time, SMPE 960 can offer a more flexible solution to meet the demand.


If you want to know more about our nucleic acid extraction solution, please feel free to contact us via , media cooperation and conference information, please contact with .



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