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BioPerfectus, a public listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE:688399), has been one of the leading molecular diagnostic solution providers specialized in infectious diseases ever since 2010. With headquarters located in Jiangsu, subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Taizhou, Hainan, and Yinchuan. Bioperfectus is pioneering in molecular diagnostics market with our products ranging from real time PCR kits, nucleic acid extraction systems, rapid tests and automation laboratory devices. Young and passionate, Bioperfectus people are working steadily and firmly to achieve our dream of creating a healthier future for our next generations.


An industrial park of over 62,000㎡ integrating fully self-innovative R&D, production, warehousing, logistics, sales, marketing and customer service divisions catering for various business scenarios


Over 800 Bioperfectus people’s permission gathering the perseverance and determination to fight against the global pandemic


Production capacity ramping up to more than 5 million tests/day ensuring the quick sufficient response to infectious diseases

global presence

90 Countries within a year

Bioperfectus Products & Service have been distributed to over 80+ countries around the globe within only one year since the international business established.

20000 Installation base

Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction Solutions 
were launched in over 20,000 laboratories 
globally with a well-trained and quick-response 
customer service team.

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MHRA Registration Approval for BioPerfectus FIVE MPXV RT-PCR Kits
MHRA Registration Approval for BioPerfectus FIVE MPXV RT-PCR Kits
SHANGHAI, CHINA, September 30, 2022Jiangsu BioPerfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BioPerfectus) is pleased to announce thatMonkeypox Virus (MPXV) Fast Real Time PCR Kit, Monkeypox Virus Genotyping Real Time PCR Kit, Monkeypox Virus/Varicella-zoster Virus/Variola Virus Real Time PCR Kit, Monkeypox Virus and Orthopoxvirus Real Time PCR Kit have been approved by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and are now officially available for Great Br...
Bioperfectus Extraction Solutions, One-Stop to Satisfy Your Requirements
Bioperfectus Extraction Solutions, One-Stop to Satisfy Your Requirements
Nucleic acid extraction provides a foundation for many extensive research and applications (for example cloning, PCR analysis, and next-generation sequencing technology in the field of whole genome and transcriptome), and the obtained nucleic acid can be used in a variety of ways. Nucleic acid purification and quality assessment are important steps in experimental workflows, and the quality of nucleic acids can affect the performance in downstream reactions. Streamlined protocols with optim...
Client Story: G Company and Bioperfectus Success Story
Client Story: G Company and Bioperfectus Success Story
The beginning of Bioperfectus global footprint G Company (The clients full name was hidden) is an importer and distributor of molecular diagnostics products in Thailand and is trusted by the government and laboratories. It is the first client Bioperfctus cooperates oversea. The encounter between Bioperfectus and G Company dates back to 2016. Bioperfectus was G Company's supplier of gastrointestinal infectious diseases and life science products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership b...
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A good after-sales service is essential for efficiency of workload in PCR laboratory. Bioperfectus delivers most perfect service via our authorized distributors and global service center. With well-experienced service staff, sufficient spare-part inventory and fast global logistics, Bioperfectus aims to provide with the satisfactory solutions to our end users.We offer 24/7 after-sales service, prompt response and periodical training programs.