Bioperfectus Whole Blood DNA Extraction Kit is Available Now!

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We are proud to inform you that a new member is joining in Bioperfectus extraction solution pipeline-- Whole Blood samples are now available for all Bioperfectus nucleic acid extractors.



Together with Bioperfectus Malaria PCR kits, Bioperfectus Whole Blood DNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Bead Method) can detect infection status and species of Plasmodium with high efficiency and excellent performance. It also can meet other PCR or NGS DNA analysis demands from whole blood samples, such as CYP2C19, MTHFR, and other gene analyses of human genetic polymorphisms.


To learn more about the kit, please send an inquiry email to or


Bioperfectus Obtained CE Mark for the SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Self-test

Bioperfectus is pleased to announce that we have obtained CE Mark for our Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) Ag Rapid Test Kit (Self-test).


Bioperfectus Launches a New RT-PCR Kit to Detect COVID-19 New Variant"Omicron"

As a leading manufacturer of molecular diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, Biopertectus is very proud to announce today that the new SARS-CoV-2 Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529) Real-Time PCR Kit is launched globally. With the detection of the mutation sites of H655Y, N679K, P681H, and E484A, this new kit could help to identify the Omicron variant conveniently and effectively.


Declaration on the Effectiveness of Bioperfectus SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit against New Variant Omicron

The spread of the new variant “Omicron” is faster than expected. The countries and regions with reported Omicron cases on the GISAID website have been increased to twenty-one on Dec. 2, 2021. This data only shows the number of submitted sequenced cases, which may be just the tip of the iceberg.