Empowering Women's Health: Cervical Cancer Screening with BioPerfectus HPV Detection System


🎗Cervical cancer, ranked as the fourth deadliest cancer among women, remains a global concern. With advancing technology, cervical cancer screening methods are evolving. The World Health Organization's endorsement of HPV DNA testing as the primary screening approach marks a new era in cervical cancer screening.

🌍🔬 BioPerfectus is committed to ongoing technological innovation and proudly offers the HPV 21 Type-specific Viral Loads Detection System to the world. This system combines HPV genotyping with normalized viral load determination, providing a reliable tool for identifying high-grade lesions in HPV-positive cases. It caters to diverse customer needs for screening, genotyping, and quantification across different sample types.

Watch the full video to discover more about our innovative technology and how it's shaping the fight against cervical cancer. 💪

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