Client Story: A Race Against Time


In December 2021, the world faced a new outbreak with the COVID-19 Omicron variant,  which triggered another chapter in the COVID-19 pandemic. The highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been driving an unprecedented surge of infections globally. 

With the rise of the omicron variant, the ability of diagnostic tests to detect the Omicron variant was critical to tracking its spread and putting measures to halt transmission in place. PCR tests are accurate but can take a long time to produce results. Antigen tests, the other primary type of coronavirus test, offer the advantage of producing results much more quickly. 

Antigen tests are quick and easy diagnostic tests to identify patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. The Israeli ministry of health aimed to make antigen rapid tests available as a screening tool for Israeli citizens, reduce community transmission, and keep the economy running. The Israeli ministry of health urgently needed to find potential IVD suppliers to offer antigen rapid test kits that meet high quality and global regulatory standards. Early in the omicron surge, many manufacturers' antigen rapid test kits had a limited ability to detect Omicron infections, and rapid antigen tests may be spitting out false positives.

Based on the excellent cooperation and trust between Bioperfectus and the Israeli distributor, Bioperfectus received an urgent request from the distributor to participate in a tender for Novel Corona Virus antigen rapid test kits. As required by the Israeli ministry of health, the supplier must provide sufficient clinical evidence on the antigen rapid test kit and assist the Israeli ministry of health in conducting the clinical evaluation, which ensures that test kits can detect the Omicron virus accurately.

Through a critical assessment of clinical evaluation and data validation, Bioperfectus successfully passed the Israeli ministry of health inspection. Bioperfectus was the only Chinese company on the procurement list and was asked to provide two million antigen rapid test kits for the Israeli ministry of health.

The Bioperfectus production department immediately deployed a team to take charge of this task, given the highest priority and urgency, working closely with the supply chain and warehouse management team, from raw material procurement to production and packaging.

With Lunar New Year approaching, the production department organized the plan and kept production running smoothly and effectively. At the same time, the international business team coordinated and supported different departments to ensure supplies were delivered on time.

Another challenge Bioperfectus faced was the issue of international logistics. The major international airlines were disrupted due to the spread of the omicron variant. The international business team created a flexible solution to deliver two million test kits to Israel in three batches within the deadline. 

It's a race against time. Great teams work together to accomplish the great result.” The team leader of the international business department said. More critical for Bioperfectus is to support the Israeli authorities in response to the Omicron variant and protect local people.