Accelerating Global Cervical Cancer Elimination: An Insight into HPV Quantitative and Genotyping Solutions at the 20th RHSC Members' Meeting


BioPerfectus made a notable impression at the 20th Members' Meeting of the @Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), with Dr. Wei Jin, General Manager R&D Center, BioPerfectus, taking the spotlight on October 17, 2023, in Accra, Ghana.

This prestigious event, co-hosted by RHSC and the Ghana Ministry of Health, was dedicated to strengthening the global partnership's commitment to ensuring equal access to high-quality reproductive health products in low and middle-income countries.

At the conference, Dr. Wei Jin highlighted BioPerfectus' profound contribution to women's health with its groundbreaking “Accelerating the Elimination of Global Cervical Cancer: A HPV Quantitative and Genotyping Solution by BioPerfectus”.  This solution plays a crucial role in enhancing cervical cancer screening from both clinical and patient value perspectives. He further stressed the potential of combining HPV genotyping with viral load measurement as a valuable tool for identifying high-grade lesions in HPV-positive cases, emphasizing the clinical significance of HPV viral load testing.

BioPerfectus remains unswerving in its dedication to promoting women's health and well-being through innovative solutions. Join in the mission to drive significant transformation in the sphere of reproductive health worldwide.


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