Announcing BioPerfectus New Brand Identity


We are delighted and proud to unveil our new brand identity, which perfectly reflects the evolution of our company since it was established in 2010. After many years of rapid development and transformation, the strong desire for innovation has contributed to this re-branding plan - this is a critical period of transformation. BioPerfectus will start the next "golden decade" with a new attitude and adopt a more international logo in a broader commercial market. We aim to create a stronger image that would build on the previous one and accurately describe who we are today: one of the global IVD suppliers with a mission to embrace the world with health.

In 2020, the BioPerfectus International Sales & Marketing Division was established, making its official foray into the global market. Since then, BioPerfectus has rapidly expanded its network in the global market and obtained 216 overseas regulatory certificates for market access, including WHO-EUL, FDA-EUA, CE Mark, etc. BioPerfectus products have been distributed to more than 100 countries around the world.

As a leading global company in the molecular diagnostics market, BioPerfectus has continuously expanded its breadth and depth of experience as it supports partners worldwide to prevent and control infectious diseases. BioPerfectus, in close collaboration with many governments and non-governmental organizations worldwide, has built professional and well-trained response teams to ensure readiness for emergency outbreaks in public health.BioPerfectus remains committed to delivering excellent services and products that meet the highest international quality and safety standards. 

The CEO of BioPerfectus, Dr. Guoqiang Wang, said, “This change was inevitable. What changes is the perspective and strength of the company, but what remains unchanged is the original intention.

The implied meaning of BioPerfectus represents that life technology makes the world better. The "b" - bio and "p" - perfect highlight the individuality and exclusivity of BioPerfectus, which also implies the company's global vision.

The letter combination of "b" and "p" resembles a cell structure that is undergoing replication and division. The "b" is the primitive cell in the primary stage, which is a metaphor for the internal strength and foundation of the enterprise. The "p" is the new cell of differentiation and fission, which means the never-ending entrepreneurial spirit.

The two are independent yet complement each other, presenting a dynamic "separation" and "combination,” conveying the critical message in a precise and innovative visual manner. The connotation represents inclusiveness, multiculturalism, and embracing outstanding talents for corporate innovation, promoting the growth of the medical industry and protecting human health.

We are eager to have a deeper and closer connection with our partners. We have worked closely with our partners to give full play to the advantages and innovation of BioPerfectus, and jointly solve the problems that threaten human survival and life health. The 21st century is the century of life science. "Jointly creating a future without disease" emerges as the ultimate goal of modern medicine and also the commitment of BioPerfectus. 

In the future, BioPerfectus will continue to improve the brand value and share of voice and other aspects to achieve comprehensive leaps and long-term improvement and initiate the new branding strategy to embrace brilliance actively.

The new version of LOGO will be applied to the products, packaging, and dissemination of the belonging series and will gradually come to users in the future.