BioPerfectus' Efforts in Supporting Public Health Prevention in Ecuador


BioPerfectus is committed to supporting the development of public health and has established strong cooperative relationships with governmental health departments and NGOs worldwide to respond jointly to global or regional public health emergencies. Whenever an epidemic outbreak occurs, BioPerfectus provides robust support to our partners to deal with local emergencies.

We are pleased to share our efforts in public health in Ecuador, where we have worked closely with the laboratories of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health to combat the monkeypox outbreak and the COVID-19 pandemic, flu, and other infectious diseases worldwide by providing BioPerfectus’ diagnostic solutions. 

Our Nucleic Acid Extraction System, Real-Time PCR System, and Multiple Assays have played a crucial role in the prompt and accurate detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. The professionals from the Ministry of Health's laboratories highly value our diagnostic products and technical support.

In particular, the high-throughput and automation capabilities of the SMPE-960, developed by BioPerfectus, can extract nucleic acids from 1-96 samples in three independently operating modules simultaneously. This has significantly reduced the turnaround time for test results, allowing for prompt and effective public health interventions.

In Ecuador, vector-borne infections, including Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and Zika, are common, and BioPerfectus is always ready to respond to these infectious diseases with timely and accurate detection. We offer a complete set of diagnostic solutions for vector-borne virus detection based on both the Immuno-chromatographic platform and the Multiplex real-time PCR platform, satisfying the detection demands of different infectious procedures.

Most vector-borne infections currently have no known treatment or vaccine. Therefore, early diagnosis and monitoring are critical for controlling these infectious diseases and improving treatment outcomes.