BioPerfectus' Showcase at the Medical Microbiologists' Ceremony


At the Medical Microbiologists’ Paying Homage & Prize Giving Ceremony, held on Saturday, December 23, 2023, at the Park Royal Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar, we at BioPerfectus, in collaboration with our esteemed business partners, took pride in presenting our extensive range of diagnostic solutions. The event served not only as a platform to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of medical microbiologists but also as a perfect opportunity for us to showcase the advancements we have made in the diagnostic field.

During this prestigious event, we and our partner highlight our innovative diagnostic solutions. These include our nucleic acid extraction solution, and testing solutions for STD, respiratory infectious diseases, and vector-borne diseases. Our comprehensive solution for cervical cancer screening, which has been instrumental in screening over 10 million women in more than 60 countries and regions, was a focal point of our presentation.

It can be customized to meet various application scenarios:

- The 21 Genotyping Quantitative Detection System is designed for single-visit screening and optimization of HPV testing triage, enhancing cost efficiency.

- The 16+2 high-risk testing option addresses the need for large-scale population screening.

BioPerfectus stands as a leader in the molecular diagnostics industry, specializing in diagnostics for infectious diseases, women's health, and children's health. Our participation in this event underscored our unwavering commitment to supporting local initiatives in the management of infectious diseases, as well as promoting health in women and children. The collaboration with our business partners was pivotal, reinforcing our collective endeavor to drive progress in the field of diagnostics.