BioPerfectus Supports Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Management in Indonesia


With a global reputation for providing dependable diagnostic solutions, BioPerfectus has become a trusted partner for healthcare professionals in Indonesia. Its diagnostic systems and solutions are widely praised by diverse local laboratories for their effectiveness in identifying and managing infectious diseases.

In the Indonesian IVD market, BioPerfectus collaborates with a diverse range of institutions, such as national-level laboratories, high-end private laboratories, and public and private hospitals. Examples of these collaborations involve the laboratory of UIN Jakarta University, Dustira Hospital, and Regional Health Laboratory Sukabumi. The laboratory of UIN Jakarta University, recognized by WHO as the best PCR laboratory network, and the Regional Health Laboratory Sukabumi, a national-level laboratory, are among the laboratories benefiting from BioPerfectus' extraction systems with different throughputs, allowing them to handle various sample sizes efficiently.

Dustira Hospital, a military hospital that provides medical services to military members and the public, also benefits from BioPerfectus' Total PCR Solution, which has proven to be highly effective in helping the hospital manage infectious diseases.

In conclusion, BioPerfectus’ diagnostic systems and solutions have received high recognition from these laboratories and hospitals, with a particular emphasis on Nucleic Acid Extraction System SSNP-2000B. This system has won the prestigious iF Design Award 2022 and is certified by both the FDA and CE.

One of the standout features of SSNP-2000B is its compact and lightweight design, which allows it to be easily stored in a biosafety cabinet. Its double anti-contamination control prevents sample cross-contamination and ensures the safety of operators. Compatible with several extraction kits, the laboratory can realize nucleic acid extraction from multiple clinical samples.

In addition, in response to the growing challenge of infectious diseases, BioPerfectus offers Total PCR Solution, including rigorously tested and validated PCR kits for HPV, Vector-Borne Diseases, and more, enabling them to respond promptly to global health emergencies.

At BioPerfectus, we are proud to provide reliable diagnostic solutions that empower healthcare professionals to make accurate and timely diagnoses. By collaborating closely with our laboratory partners, we are committed to contributing to the advancement of healthcare and public health, improving patient outcomes, and ensuring the well-being of communities.