BioPerfectus Welcomes Delegation Led by Consul General of Chile


BioPerfectus extends a warm and sincere welcome to the delegation led by the Consul General of Chile in Shanghai, accompanied by two esteemed experts from the Medical School of Chilean universities. We are delighted to host this delegation in Tai Zhou, Jiangsu, China, on December 1, 2023.

During the visit, the delegation engaged in in-depth discussions with Dr. Joseph Chow, Vice President of BioPerfectus, in the field of diagnostic technologies, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to advancing the fields of infectious diseases, women and children's health.


We express our deep gratitude for the chance to share our expertise with the Chilean Consulate General and eagerly anticipate fostering lasting collaborations. At BioPerfectus, we remain dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on public health, not only within our local community but on a global scale. 🌍

About BioPerfectus

BioPerfectus (SSE: 688399) stands at the forefront of the molecular diagnostics industry, with a specialization in "diagnostics for infectious diseases and women's and children's health". Founded in 2010, BioPerfectus consistently emphasizes R&D, manufacturing, and the distribution of in-vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments. Through strategic planning, the company has seamlessly integrated its efforts from the development and production of upstream core materials to downstream diagnostic services. With a diverse portfolio of over 600 products, BioPerfectus caters to a broad spectrum of medical institutions, CDCs, and independent clinical laboratories across more than 100 countries and regions. Further solidifying its position in molecular diagnostics, BioPerfectus proactively ventures into high-growth areas such as POCT (Point-of-Care Testing). The company's strategic focus is on expanding applications, refining its product range, and making inroads into international markets. Guided by the vision "To be one of the top global IVD suppliers," and driven by the mission of "For a healthier future," BioPerfectus utilizes precise, effective, and streamlined diagnostic techniques with the aim of pioneering advanced early screening and diagnostic methods for infectious diseases and major health challenges, thereby enhancing the quality of life and championing global health.