Bioperfectus Antigen Test with High Sensitivity & Specificity

Company news

As the global war against COVID-19 is continually ranging on, we are proud to announce that Bioperfectus Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Kit has been proven high sensitivity and specificity clinically by several institutes worldwide.
Fast and cost-efficient, antigen test is playing an important role in COVID-19 diagnostics. Bioperfectus antigen test with clinical proven accuracy helps healthcare workers find out quickly whether someone is currently at risk of spreading the disease, which will effectively curb the further spread of the virus.


Bioperfectus Supports Cholera Elimination

SHANGHAI, CHINA, December 5, 2022—Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bioperfectus”) is pleased to launch Vibrio Cholerae Real Time PCR Kits for human diagnosis and early warning surveillance.


Client Story: A Race Against Time

Through a critical assessment of clinical evaluation and data validation, Bioperfetus successfully passed the Israeli ministry of health inspection. Bioperfetus was the only Chinese company on the procurement list and was asked to provide one million antigen rapid test kits for the Israeli ministry of health.


Bioperfectus Granted MDA Approval in Malaysia for Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems

SHANGHAI, CHINA, November 14, 2022—Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bioperfectus”), a leading global company in the molecular diagnostics market, today announced receipt of MDA (Medical Device Authority) approval in Malaysia for Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems, including Nucleic Acid SSNP-2000B, SSNP-3000A, SSNP-9600A, SMPE-960 and Extraction Rapid Kit (Magnetic Bead Method).