Bioperfectus Granted MDA Approval in Malaysia for Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems


SHANGHAI, CHINA, November 14, 2022—Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bioperfectus”), a leading global company in the molecular diagnostics market, today announced receipt of MDA (Medical Device Authority) approval in Malaysia for Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems, including Nucleic Acid SSNP-2000B, SSNP-3000ASSNP-9600ASMPE-960 and Extraction Rapid Kit (Magnetic Bead Method).

Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction Rapid Kit can be applied to a variety of sample types such as nasopharyngeal swab, pharyngeal swab, nasal swab, serum, plasma, urine, cervical swab, urethral swab. The purified nucleic acid can be used in downstream molecular biology experiments, including in-vitro testing. As a one-stop supplier, Bioperfectus also provides different throughputs of nucleic acid extraction systems such as SSNP and SMPE series, which allows the customers to have more flexible choices based on their sample throughput

Bioperfectus nucleic acid extraction solutions, including systems and kits, could satisfy the requirements of nucleic acid purification with multiple specimen types in automatic or manual ways. The approval allows Bioperfectus to expand access to nucleic acid extraction solutions in Malaysia and offer more diagnostics solutions for local laboratories.

Click here to download MDA Registration Certification.

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