Bioperfectus Molecular Diagnostic Products Obtain Highlights in the Battle aginst the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia


As of 12am today, new coronavirus cases in Asia rises up to 83,971. During the Pandemic, Asia has been playing a vital important role in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.  However, with the new arrival of the twindemic, the uncertainities still exisit.

Bioperfectus Nucliec Acid Extraction System SSNP9600A has been well received by the PCR laboratories in Myanmar and has greatly improved the testing capabilities in local PCR laboratories.

In the meantime, Bioperfectus's products also travelled to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Russia etc... we are actively assisting in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Myanmar local laboratory staff was explaining Bioperfectus COVID-19 magnetic bead product and nucleic acid extraction system SSNP9600 to the visitors

Bioperfectus technicians together with local lab stuff in front of Bioperfectus nucliec acid extraction system