Bioperfectus and World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborate on Molecular Diagnostics


A batch of Bioperfectus-developed Nucleic Acid Extraction System SSNP-2000B began shipping today to World Health Organization (WHO). The distribution of Bioperfectus SSNP-2000B Nucleic Acid Extraction System will support the development of molecular diagnostics in Africa. Bioperfectus SSNP-2000B Nucleic Acid Extraction System is a laboratory medical device that  integrates mechanism and electrical automation, and computer software to enable automatic nucleic acid extraction of 32 samples maximumly in one time. The instrument won the world-renowned iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 in recognition of its unique structure and innovative design. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bioperfectus supported WHO in responding to the COVID-19 crisis by delivering test kits and training for health professionals worldwide. Bioperfectus is proud to continue collaborating with WHO as an IVD supplier in molecular diagnostic projects.

Molecular diagnostics plays a vital role in infectious disease detection, case management, surveillance, and a supporting role in therapeutic and vaccine trials. Bioperfectus is committed to providing laboratories with more efficient and accurate diagnosis solutions. SSNP series, as an important part of the Bioperfectus extraction product portfolio, allows customers to have more flexible choices based on their sample throughput.

Three SSNP extraction systems of different throughputs provide multiple choices for the laboratory. The optional throughputs vary from 32 to 96 channels. With pre-programmed protocols and pre-filled kits, it is very easy and highly efficient to operate. And it only takes less than 15 minutes to complete the extraction process. All models are equipped with HEPA filter-independent air path in which the biological filter cotton can absorb the nucleic acid aerosol.

Bioperfectus provides a total PCR solution with automated instruments and abundant reagent panels. Total PCR solution will help you automate your lab, free up human labor and save costs. Pioneering in molecular diagnostics, Bioperfectus is always devoted to pursuing high quality, innovating, and striving to solve health problems humanity faces for a healthier future.