Free from Cervical Cancer: Bioperfectus HPV Total PCR Lab Solution


Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality among women in developing countries. The disease burden contributes to worldwide health inequity, as 80% of cervical cancer deaths occur in under-resourced countries. HPV has been associated with more than 99% of cervical cancers. While the type distribution in cervical cancer does vary somewhat worldwide, HPV16 and HPV18 are the most prevalent types, being found in more than 70% of samples from cervical cancer around the world.

According to WHO Human Papillomavirus Laboratory Manual, “HPV cannot be easily propagated by the standard in vitro culture systems, and in malignant Tissue, there are little or no infectious HPV particles. For these reasons, methods to detect and type HPV are based on the detection of HPV nucleic acids, in most assay formats, HPV DNA.”


Followed by the release of One Solution, One Supplier, One Response for PCR Laboratory, Bioperfectus HPV Total PCR Lab Solution offers you a holistic HPV DNA extraction system, extraction reagents, real-Time PCR system, and rt-PCR reagents. In the HPV assay panel, you will not only be assured of the performance of the targeted assay, HPV16, and HPV18 DNA but also other 19 common oncogenic types; with user-friendly auto-interpretation software, you will be free from the complex calculation and overlapping processing; with flexible reagent match-up, you can also operate Liquid-based Cytology test with only one-time sampling.


PCR laboratory plays an essential part in achieving the goal of the WHO Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative by providing standardized quality laboratory testing and adequate testing capacity. As one of the leading in-vitro diagnostic suppliers focus on women health and infectious diseases, Bioperfectus lit up in teal at our headquarters, Taizhou, China in response to WHO Cervical Cancer Elimination Day on November 17, 2021. Together, we can build a world free from cervical cancer.



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