SAW-96, More Than a Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation


Nowadays, emerging infectious diseases significantly threaten global public health and socioeconomic security and will change how people live. COVID-19 is a notable example. There might also have an outbreak of Monkeypox based on the current situation. When a disease outbreak occurs, PCR would be a suitable way to accurately identify the pathogen and detect it in the early stage.

During the PCR procedure, purified nucleic acid, suitable PCR reaction liquid, and perfect amplification steps are all critical to the final results. Thus a complete PCR procedure will cost lots of human labor. Meanwhile, reliable PCR results will require a wealth of experience for operators.

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BioPerfectus provides an innovative and automated extraction workstation——SAW-96, which will help laboratories release 2/3 of human labor in the first and second room and establish standardized operation for PCR setup and extraction.

What SAW-96 could benefit your laboratory?

  • A terminator for manual PCR setup operation

When you have SAW-96, no more headaches for PCR setup operations.

Preset pipetting protocols would satisfy the requirements of PCR setup operations, including preparing the master mix, dispensing the master mix, and adding nucleic acid. When we realize these operations automatically, it will surprise us with highly standardized processes.

  • A helper for automatically collecting sample information

When you have SAW-96, it is much easier to collect information.

A bar code reader is built in SAW-96, which could automatically collect information from labels while loading samples on the instrument. Changed color in the software stands for successful operation. No need to worry about missing data. It will significantly save the valuable time of operators.

  • Available comprehensive disease panels for various diseases

BioPerfectus could offer various pipetting protocols for different PCR reagents. Thus, this instrument could be a flexible choice for all PCR kits, reducing manual operation and providing automatic PCR setup for COVID-19, monkeypox, HPV, Sexually transmitted diseases, gastrointestinal infectious disease, vector-borne diseases, and so on.

  • An efficient walkaway instrument from VTMs to PCR ready-to-go tubes

Despite complicated operations, SAW-96 integrates sample loading and PCR reagent preparation operations in one instrument. Based on experienced magnetic separation technology, it could process 96 samples from VTM to PCR ready-to-go reaction mix within 70 mins.

Avoid direct contact with samples, SAW-96 could immensely assure operators’ safety.

  • BioPerfectus Total PCR Solution with High Throughput and Less Hand Work

BioPerfectus provides the Total PCR Solution with instruments and kits. The automatic solution, which consists of SAW-96, STC-96A PLUS, and reagents, could help customers to establish a highly efficient PCR workflow and release the labor.

As a total solution supplier, we provide not only products but also product-related training, services, and marketing. Together with BioPerfectus, we can have a professional service and sales team to satisfy the clinical’s demand.

BioPerfectus is committed to providing laboratories with more efficient and accurate diagnosis solutions. Pioneering in molecular diagnostic, BioPerfectus is always devoted to pursuing high quality, innovating, and striving to solve health problems faced by humanity for a healthier future.