SSNP-2000B for Swift and Cost-effective Molecular Testing


🧬SSNP-2000B is a Nucleic Acid Extraction System with rapid turnaround time, specifically designed to diagnose infectious diseases. It suits laboratories with constrained capital budgets and accommodates moderate sample quantities. SSNP-2000B integrates with our virus nucleic acid extraction kit, the ready-to-use cartridge-based reagent. Efficiently extracting nucleic acid has the potential to save 50–60% of your molecular testing time.

Additional features:

⭐️Compact size designed for benchtop use: Requires only 0.1 cubic meter.

⭐️Swift turnaround time: As quick as 13.5 minutes for a single sample.

⭐️Integration with foil-sealed reagents that are pre-packed and ready-to-use.

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