TWO New Arrival Members Strengthen Bioperfectus Total PCR Solution

Company news

Shanghai, China--Today, we Bioperfectus are proud to launch two new products: Bacteria DNA Extraction Kit and Dengue Virus Real Time PCR Kit. They will join Bioperfectus Total PCR Solution, enrich our extraction sample types and provide more PCR choices for clinical laboratories.



Bacteria DNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Bead Method)


  •  Suitable for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  •  Easy-to-use: prepacked design promotes the efficiency of the extraction process
  •   High yield: 1~20 μg DNA obtained from 0.5 × 109-5.0 × 109 bacteria
  •   Safe and harmless: without the use of toxic reagents, e.g., benzene, chloroform
  •  Compatible with Bioperfectus SSNP, SMPE, SAW extractors



Dengue Virus Real Time PCR Kit


  •  Reliable: Detection of Dengue virus, verified with DENV1/2/3/4 serotypes
  •  Accurate: Internal control ensures the whole process’s reliability
  •  Efficient: 96 tests in 110 minutes (on an instrument)
  •  Extensive: Compatible with Bioperfectus STC-96A, STC-96A Plus, and other mainstream instruments


Bioperfectus Total PCR solution will provide products, including reagents and instruments.


With the new member of the Bacteria DNA Extraction Kit, the extraction procedure for samples containing all kinds of gram-positive/negative bacteria is available in our extractors. With different throughputs of extractors, solutions will cover the clinical demands from small to ultra-high sample sizes.


Dengue Virus Real Time PCR Kit will enrich the vector-borne PCR solution and provide flexible PCR products for clinical decisions. It will detect Dengue Virus no matter which DENV serotypes and could be a cost-effective screen tool for Dengue fever.


Welcome to contact us at for more information about the kits, instruments, and how to use them.


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