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At Bioperfectus, the excellent experience of our customers is our goal and the key to our job. Last Wednesday, we completed online technical training for our distribution local support in the Asia Pacific region. The webinar covers insightful training on Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction System, Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit, Real-Time PCR System, and product demonstration on the newly launched SAW-96 Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation.



Fast-response is in our DNA.


Whenever there is a problem, there will be a solution. We value our products’ function, but everything will go in vain if the customer service is poor. Over the past years, the Bioperfectus customer service team has been working on providing personalized, competent, convenient, and proactive customer service to our distribution channels and end-users worldwide. By building up the comprehensive distribution technical support and e-Support system, our technical distribution support can act quickly and professionally to our customers’ needs and make sure everything works.

Problem Solving, Experience Improving

With the significant improvement in the usage of automation solutions in the modernized PCR laboratory, the demand for customer service is mounting. The self-diagnosis motion sometimes won’t work for many PCR technicians without appropriate customer-service guidance and support. Great examples like Frequent Asked Questions, Online e-Support Learning Center, and On-demand Training Program will enable our customers to get our most effective, accurate, and direct answers to your problems. 


  • Question: I saw two separate blocks in your Real-Time PCR system. Can we run individual runs at the same time.
  • Answer: Yes, our STC-96A Plus is feasible to do two individual experiments simultaneously and exceptionally flexible in those labs with small sample volumes.
  • Question: What’s the function of the local safe stock of spare parts?
  • Answer: Bioperfectus is doing its best to provide high-quality service to customers. However, there are many uncontrollable factors in international logistics, especially under the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we believe the local safe stock is an excellent idea to provide timely repairing service. So far, a special discount is available for local safe stock. You can consult with Bioperfectus sales for more details.
  • Question: What operating system does the SAW-96 workstation use?
  • Answer: We have verified Windows 10 Professional Edition with our software. Our SAW-96 software is NOT compatible with Mac OS.
  • Question: Which service can Bioperfectus provide for SAW-96?
  • Answer: Bioperfectus insists on offering professional training to improve the technical skills of our partners’ service team. We have multiple methods such as online training, service documentation, and technology sharing. For SAW-96, we also provide training videos for self-learning and review. Only well-trained engineers are certified and allowed to do onsite service for SAW-96.
  • Question: What are the advantages of SAW-96 compared with other competitors?
  • Answer: Bioperfectus SAW-96 can bring less manual time and higher efficiency to laboratories. The workstation is a fully automatic operation for sampling, extraction, PCR setup, and loading DNA/RNA. Only 70 minutes is spent on 96 samples from sample tubes to PCR ready-to-go tubes. Besides that, SAW-96 also provides multiplex methods, such as leak-proof control, UV lamp, and electrostatic filter, to avoid cross-contamination and guard technicians’ health.

Customer Service = Customer Success


Simply put, customer service’s ultimate goal is to make our customers feel good about using our products or service and, most importantly, make them successful at their ends by implementing our tools.

As one of the leading molecular diagnostics suppliers since 2010, we aim to safeguard people's health and wellness worldwide. With this purpose, we have sharpened our skills and toughened our will by encountering every infectious disease outbreak. From H1N1, Ebola, and COVID-19 to the monkeypox outbreak, behind every urgent need, there is our cohesive, supportive and robust customer service team. Together, let’s embrace the world with health.

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