Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) Ag Rapid Test Kit (Self-test)


The Bioperfectus Technologies Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) Ag Rapid Test Kit (Self-test) is a lateral flow test intended for non-prescription home use with self-collected nasal swab specimens. It is used to detect symptomatic individuals who are suspected of COVID-19 or asymptomatic individuals who have had contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients but do not show any symptoms. 



Fast: results within 15 minutes
Easy to use: prepacked design makes testing more convenient
Humanized: all necessary components provided
Reliable: able to detect asymptomatic cases and stay effective in face of variants



Sensitivity: 96.45% (clinical samples with CT Value≤ 30)
Specificity: 100%
Limit of Detection: 1.0×102 PFU/mL
Sample type: nasal swabs
Storage temperature: 4~30

Transportation temperature: -20~45

Shelf life: 24 months


Cat. No. SC30107SW-1T SC30107SW-2T SC30107SW-5T


Components Provided
Cassette 1 Cassette 2 Cassettes 5 Cassettes 10 Cassettes 15 Cassettes

Prepacked extraction tube

(Sample extraction buffer)

400μLx 1 400μL x 2 400μL x 5 400μL x 10 400μL x 15
Instruction for use 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
Sterile specimen collection swab 1 pc 2 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs 15 pcs
Waste bag 1 pc 2 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs 15 pcs