Respiratory Syncytial Virus A/B Real Time PCR Kit


Respiratory syncytial virus is the pathogen of Pneumonia. According to its adhesive protein G antigenicity, it is divided into type A and type B. The clinical symptoms caused by its type A and type B are more similar. RSV is the most important pathogen of lower respiratory tract infection in infants and children, with the highest incidence at 2-6 months of age, an incubation period of 3-7 days, and heavy symptoms, which may include high fever, rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis, followed by fine bronchitis and pneumonia. In a small number of children, otitis media, pleurisy and myocarditis may complicate the disease. Premature birth, congenital heart disease, and pulmonary dysplasia are the main factors contributing to the risk. RSV infection not only triggers asthma but is also associated with exacerbation of the disease. Infection in adults and older children presents mainly as an upper respiratory tract infection.


The BioPerfectus Respiratory Syncytial Virus A/B Real Time PCR Kit is an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) reagent replying on fluorescent PCR technology and intended for the qualitative detection of Respiratory syncytial virus type A and B in human throat swabs of infants and children.


  • Internal control ensures that the whole process reliably
  • No cross-reactivity with other pathogens
  • Auto interpretation result with STC real-time PCR system
  • Compatible with multiple mainstream PCR instrument




10 TCID50/mL

Assay Runtime

115 min

Storage Temperature


Shelf life

12 months

Sample Type

Throat swab







Respiratory Syncytial VirusA/BReal Time PCR Kit

25 Tests/Kit


50 Tests/Kit